3 Ideas for Upgrading Your Home

Sára Vass/ December 11, 2021/ Remodeling/ 0 comments

If you’ve got bucks in the bank and want to upgrade your home, there are many incredible ideas to consider. Here are three that are fun, fabulous, and can add curb appeal and value to your residential property.

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1. Install a Pool

If you live in a notably dry or hot state such as California or Florida, installing a simple or custom pool or spa on your home’s grounds can give you and your family relief and set you up well for resale. If you’re not sure where to begin, search online for a reputable, experienced pool company in your area. Use language such as “pool builders Orange County,” for example. Then, check out pool builders’ portfolios to see some of the water features they’ve implemented for their clients.

2. Landscape the Grounds

Adding landscaping features to your grounds can instantly upgrade your exterior and add style and ambiance to your home. Think about adding pergolas or arbors to create naturally inviting outdoor rooms. Also, trim bushes and trees to keep pathways and entrances clear of debris and overgrowth. If you have a lawn, mow it regularly to keep that just-manicured look that appeals to potential buyers. 

3. Replace Outdated Lighting

Nothing dates a home like its interior and exterior lighting. If you want to boost your residence’s curb appeal instantly, replace its outdated exterior lighting. Get rid of the old-school floodlights and lamposts and invest in motion-sensor, dawn-to-dusk or outdoor landscaping lighting to catapult you into the 21st century with a contemporary look and feel. Choose lighting products with durable, neutral finishes to sustain their shelflife and aesthetic appeal for years to come. 

If these three ideas capture your imagination, look for more creative suggestions on professional home improvement and landscaping websites and blogs. Browse photo galleries to see ideas come to life.

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