3 Options for Flat Roofing Material

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Among the structures that require flat roof construction St Louis County MO are commercial buildings, storage warehouses and mobile homes. When it comes time to building or replacing a roof on such a building, three types of roofing systems are among the most popular options. 

Flat Roofing

1. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)

Another way to refer to this type of roof is rubber membrane. It is often used for large structures, such as plazas and office buildings. Some homeowners may choose this option for their house if it has a flat roof. Problems caused by the sun are reduced with an EPDM application. Advantages to this long-lasting product also include less tears and scuffs. Patching leaks is also easier. 

2. Rolled Roofing

The formal name of this material is modified bitumen. With a mineral surface, it is designed to stick to the roof surface using tar. A common application method used by professional roofers is unrolling the material on the roof while using a torch to heat it. A peel-and-stick version of rolled roofing is a popular option for homeowners wanting to do the installation themselves. 

This moderately priced option is available with a mineral surface that is light in color, which can prove to be energy efficient. 

3. Hot Tar and Gravel

Also known as a built-up roof (BUR), this material is waterproof and consists of at least three layers, with the final layer usually consisting of fine stone. Among the least expensive flat roof systems, BUR is an attractive and fire resistant option. It is heavier than the other two products mentioned and is harder to install. If you are interested in this type of roof, your best option is to hire a qualified contractor. 

Whatever type of building you own with a flat roof, one of these products is a good option to consider. 

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