3 Surprisingly Clever Ways to Save Big When Building a Custom Home

Sára Vass/ February 7, 2022/ Remodeling/ 0 comments

A large part of the American Dream consists of owning their own home for many people, and it is also the single most significant investment for most of us. A more desirable option for some is building a custom home versus finding a suitable house that typically requires extensive and costly renovations to become the abode of their dreams. However, building a made-to-order home is not inexpensive, but there are specific strategies that you can employ to lower the cost. Read on to learn about three surprisingly clever ways to save big when building a custom home. 

Building a Custom Home

Begin Building Your Home in Early Spring or Late Autumn to Save on Construction Costs 

Summer is the most expensive time to build your home. Typically the least costly time to begin construction is early Spring, followed by late Autumn. When it’s colder, construction slows down significantly, which is an incentive for builders who need to keep their business growing to offer the best pricing to keep their workers working and their company profitable.  

Ask Your Building Contractor for a Discount and Other Cost Saving Suggestions

It’s always a good idea to ask your building contractor for a discount. He may have a surplus of a particular building material left over from another job that he could offer you at significant savings. It doesn’t always happen, but it never hurts to inquire. Your contractor is usually happy to provide suggestions on ways to save. For example, he may suggest cost-effective alternatives to wood trim or other money-saving options. The aftermarket oilfield equipment Houston TX can be a good resource also.     

Hire a Professional Building Contractor Versus Inexperienced Friends or Family

It’s tempting to take advantage of cheap labor offered by well-meaning family or friends. However, unless they are experienced in home construction, it could cost you more in delays, errors, and ommissions. 

Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to saving big when building your custom home.

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