3 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

Sára Vass/ October 30, 2020/ General Article/ 0 comments

Making your home more eco-friendly is pretty much a no-brainer. A truly eco-friendly home spends a little more on initial costs but sees long haul benefits that more than make up the difference. An eco-friendly home will save money on energy, water and repair costs. You might think you know what an eco-friendly home looks like, and that yours won’t fit the bill, but there are lots of ways to make a home more eco-friendly, and pretty much anyone can do them to any home. 


First things first, make sure your insulation is up to snuff. This doesn’t have to be a huge deal: look in your attic and see what you’re dealing with. Is it old and deteriorating or is it fresh spray foam insulation Maryland? Whenever you’re doing work on your home, check what kind of insulation you already have and see if it could use updating. 


Speaking of updates, odds are at some point you’ll have to replace, for example, some doors and windows. This is another opportunity to check your insulation, but also efficiency. Efficiency is particularly important for large appliances like your water heater and HVAC unit.


Any chance you have to renovate is a chance to make your home a little more eco-friendly. Keep in mind that if you’re buying something that will need to be replaced in a few years’ time, then it is not truly eco-friendly. Environmental friendliness is build to last.

It doesn’t take big flashy changes to make a home more eco-friendly. You don’t have to completely redesign your home or make a lot of showy modifications. It can happen naturally over time. When something wears out and it’s time to replace it, just make sure to replace it with something that will make your home just that little bit kinder to the environment and your monthly budget!

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