4 Outdoor Decorating Ideas

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Inject some character into the yard with fun and unique décor. Turn it into a cozy haven for a small group or an entertaining area for large gatherings. Depending on how the yard is lit, what furniture is available and what sort of unique garden features there are, the area can be infused with a ton of personality.

1. Lighting

exterior wall lighting ideas

An important part of using the yard for anything after the sun goes down is the lighting. Firepits create light, as well as a focal point for the yard that people can gather around. There are also exterior wall lighting ideas that can be explored. There can be lots of light to illuminate a big party or dim light for a more intimate atmosphere.

2. Furniture

A comfortable place to sit is necessary if long periods of time will be spent relaxing in the yard. Rocking chairs, patio sets and hammocks can all provide sturdy seating for one or more people. For more individuality, wooden furniture can be painted, and cushions can be made or bought for a pop of color.

3. Wind Chimes

There are many types of wind chimes, and they can be placed anywhere in the yard. They come in all sorts of sizes and can be made of different materials to produce a variety of sounds. Metals chimes are popular, but others can be made from wood, bamboo and even glass. They also make a fun craft project.

4. Plant Stands

A fantastic way to add a unique feature to an outdoor space is with plant stands. Old tables can be painted and brought outside for plants, or they can be made from wicker, metal, bamboo or plastic. Anything that can hold the weight of a planter is fair game. An old tub turned upside down and painted with a mirror finish can be fabulous.

Look at the available space and get creative with whatever is around the house to spruce up a yard. Or, give it a complete makeover with new furniture and a firepit.

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