5 Tips For a Better Garage

Sára Vass/ April 28, 2022/ Garage/ 0 comments

For a lot of people, a garage is just where they keep their car—and all the junk they don’t know what to do with. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the following tips, you can transform your garage from a disaster into a functional workspace.

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Take everything out, even if you plan on keeping it. You’re not throwing it away yet, you’re just relocating it to create a blank canvas to work with. After you sweep out the dust and cobwebs, you can sort through your belongings as you put them back, deciding what to keep, what to donate and what needs to go in the trash.


If your garage is where you keep half-used buckets of paint and leftover turpentine, check with your county office to find out when and where you can dispose of hazardous waste. Some places have special days where you can dispose of such things for free, with no questions asked.


Even if you have a new garage door Clovis CA you may want to inspect any tracks or moving parts to ensure nothing is bent or out of alignment. Make sure all locking mechanisms are functioning as intended or else you might be giving thieves easy access to your home and property. 


Decide what you want to use the garage for and set up your space accordingly. If you want to use your garage as a workshop, private gym and car storage, you’re going to have to find somewhere else to store your grandmother’s teacup collection.


Don’t just leave your belongings in cardboard boxes on the floor. Make the switch to clear tubs so you can see their contents, and invest in sturdy shelving to free up space and make items more accessible. If you plan on using your garage for a workshop, invest in tool chests and pegboards so the space is more conducive to your needs.

With a plan of action, even the messiest garage is manageable!

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