5 Types of Fire Extinguishers

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Most people know what a fire extinguisher does and where to find the nearest one in their work or home; few people, however, could tell you that there are five different kinds of extinguishers, each one tailored to a specific type of fire. Knowing the difference between the various classes of fire extinguishers can ensure that you have the proper piece of safety equipment for your needs. 

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1. Class A

Class A fires are the most common. These fires occur when regular combustible materials catch fire, like wood, paper, or cloth. These extinguishers are most appropriate for home and office environments where these materials are most likely to be found. When trying to determine the proper extinguisher for you in a city where various materials are found, going through a fire extinguisher service NYC can help you to select the proper option.

2. Class B

Class B fires occur when a flammable liquid catches fire, such as alcohols, tars, and oils. If you have a vehicle fire, a Class B extinguisher is necessary.

3. Class C

Class C fires and extinguishers are more specialized than previous classes, as they involve electrical equipment. These fires can be extremely hazardous because they have the added danger of electrocution. Using the improper extinguisher on this type of fire could cause the fire to spread, so it is crucial to use the correct corresponding extinguisher.

4. Class D

Class D fires are found when burning through combustible metals. Laboratory environments that use metals like titanium or aluminum are at the greatest risk for this category. The extinguishers use a dry powder agent, which is a feature unique to Class D.

5. Class K

Class K fires involve animal fats and cooking agents. They might be found in an industrial kitchen or restaurant environment.

Each class of fire refers to different materials, therefore requiring a different extinguishing source. Knowing which extinguisher is the best fit for your home or office is an essential component of fire safety.

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