5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Entertaining

Sára Vass/ January 29, 2019/ Home Interior/ 0 comments

When having company over, we tend to go through the normal motions of cleaning the house, preparing food, and tying up other loose ends. However, some necessary items may go right over your head, leaving you with a less than ideal situation for your guests. Other times, you might just be looking for something to make your get together that much enjoyable and fall flat on ideas. Here are a few ideas from Décor aid’s interior designers on what you can do to prepare your space for having guests over, and how you can make the experience that much better for everyone involved.

1. Wipe down surfaces.

Although this seems obvious, many only go for the obvious areas like a dining room table or kitchen countertops. Your guests will most likely move to different areas in your space like the living room or bathroom, so you’ll want to make sure all your bases are covered. After all, is there anything more unappealing than sitting down somewhere and seeing crumbs on the surface next to you? Take some time to wipe down all the surfaces in every room, eliminating dust, dirt, or any rogue crumbs. Your guests will appreciate the cleanliness of the space, and you’ll avoid having them interact with any unsightly messes.

2. Provide adequate dinnerware.

If you’re serving dinner, make sure you have the expected cutlery like forks, knives, and spoons, but also provide utensils that work best for the meal being served, like salad forks, butter knives, or dessert spoons. It will bring a level of sophistication to your meal, and create a charming, well-prepared environment. Also, don’t forget to wipe away any unsightly water spots. You may know your flatware is clean, but your guests may not.

3. Take out the good plates and wine glasses.

Everyone needs a good set of dinnerware that they bring out for special occasions, and having guests over for dinner is as good as excuse as any. These may not even need to be exceptionally fine china, but maybe they’re a more visually appealing set than your household normally uses. Keep a dinnerware set like this in your home to show your guests you appreciate their company. The same goes for wine glasses, which are a dinnertime staple. You may use a stemless small glass or one that bears a logo when you’re relaxing at home, but step up your game and bring out the elegant, long-stemmed glasses to really wow them.

4. Set up a snack area.

Everyone loves snacks. Not every get together requires a full dinner, but a spread of small hors d’oeuvres will be popular with everyone and add to the festivities, even if that means you and your loved ones simply sitting back with some drinks and chatting. A charcuterie board is perfect to set atop a countertop or coffee table while everyone lounges around, as it’s a bit more laid back than a prepared spread. Invest in an appealing charcuterie board, like a wooden live edge style or a marble version.

5. Rearrange seating to accommodate guests.

This is perhaps the most important way to prepare for company, as the point of a get together is usually to talk and catch up. You’ll want your seating to facilitate conversation, so if your guests outnumber the amount of dining chairs you have facing each other, you might want to do a bit of rearranging.  Furthermore, if you know you’ll be using the living room, make sure there is enough seating, or else you might want to bring in a few chairs from another room to ensure everyone is comfortable.

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