A Guide to Diesel System Components

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Diesel fuel systems pressurize and atomize fuel and inject small amounts into the engine cylinders when needed. Compressed air serves to ignite the diesel and create energy. If you are interested in diesel-powered vehicles, this article will detail some of the system components. Continue reading to learn more.

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Fuel Lines 

Fuel lines for a diesel fuel system come in three grades:

  1. Lightweight tubes are rated for low-pressure situations.
  2. Medium weight lines handle midlevel pressure between the tank and pump.
  3. Heavyweight lines operate under the most extreme pressures caused by the pump system.

Diesel Tanks

Fuel tanks are where the diesel is stored. They come in several shapes and sizes, depending on the application. A tank must be sealed to prevent contamination and vented to release pressure buildup when fuel is injected into the engine. A tank needs to be able to fill, discharge fuel and drain.

Injection System

For a diesel motor to function, the fuel injector is essential. Fuel injectors need to send a specific amount of highly pressurized diesel into the engine cylinders. The more evenly an injector can distribute fuel, the more efficient the engine will run. If your diesel engine is not running efficiently, contact an Airdog parts distributor and talk to a professional.

Engine-Powered Pumps

Fuel pumps send the diesel fuel from the tank into the injection system. Engines power modern systems for faster fuel delivery. Older systems use gravity or air pressure to transfer fuel.

Filtration System

Diesel fuel needs to be filtered several times before being injected into the engine cylinders. Diesel engines will split fuel between multiple filters or send the entire fuel supply through each filter at once.

Modern diesel engines utilize high-performing fuel injection systems to deliver the most power and efficiency. If you are not happy with your vehicle’s performance or want to purchase a diesel-powered machine, schedule a consultation with a professional today.

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