5 Tips For a Better Garage

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For a lot of people, a garage is just where they keep their car—and all the junk they don’t know what to do with. It doesn’t have to be that way. With the following tips, you can transform your garage from a disaster into a functional workspace.

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Take everything out, even if you plan on keeping it. You’re not throwing it away yet, you’re just relocating it to create a blank canvas to work with. After you sweep out the dust and cobwebs, you can sort through your belongings as you put them back, deciding what to keep, what to donate and what needs to go in the trash.


If your garage is where you keep half-used buckets of paint and leftover turpentine, check with your county office to find out when and where you can dispose of hazardous waste. Some places have special days where you can dispose of such things for free, with no questions asked.


Even if you have a new garage door Clovis CA you may want to inspect any tracks or moving parts to ensure nothing is bent or out of alignment. Make sure all locking mechanisms are functioning as intended or else you might be giving thieves easy access to your home and property. 


Decide what you want to use the garage for and set up your space accordingly. If you want to use your garage as a workshop, private gym and car storage, you’re going to have to find somewhere else to store your grandmother’s teacup collection.


Don’t just leave your belongings in cardboard boxes on the floor. Make the switch to clear tubs so you can see their contents, and invest in sturdy shelving to free up space and make items more accessible. If you plan on using your garage for a workshop, invest in tool chests and pegboards so the space is more conducive to your needs.

With a plan of action, even the messiest garage is manageable!

Why You Should Hire an Electrician for Electrical Repairs

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The electrical components of your home are necessary for daily operations. When something goes wrong, it can be scary and also very inconvenient. However, it is probably best not to investigate the issue significantly or repair an electrical problem yourself. There are multiple reasons why you should not attempt an electrical repair yourself including the danger involved.

Find a skilled professional for electrical repair Poteau OK. A licensed electrician will ensure your repair is done right and safely. Why should a qualified professional do your repairs?

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Better Chance at Success

A professional will investigate your issue thoroughly before starting the repair process. The issue you think you have could stem from something else. A professional can find the issue and repair it successfully the first time. When attempting to repair a problem yourself as someone without specialized training, you may continue to have an issue. 

Cost Control

Without the proper education, you may not find the originating issue. You can even create a new problem when trying the repair yourself. Due to this, you may have to call an electrician after attempting to repair the problem. This will lead to more expenses.

Keeps Your Home Safe

A qualified professional knows what steps to take concerning safety. They will take the necessary safety precautions during the repair. They will ensure the wires are safe and there is proper voltage. Also, when the repair is done by a professional, this can help ensure your home is safe from electrical fires and hazardous issues in the future.

When you have an electrical issue that needs to be repaired, call a professional. You will have better results with your repair, and the work done is usually guaranteed. This will give you and your family some peace of mind so that you can enjoy your home free of worry.

How to Care For Your Pond

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Ponds are a great place to boat, relax or enjoy some catch and release fishing. They can also benefit your farm by creating a small reservoir, and they can help out local wildlife by giving them a fresh source of water and food. However, they can get mucky fairly quickly. Doing the following can help keep your pond clean and beautiful.

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Keep Away Pollutants

If you have crops, runoff from fertilizers, manure and pesticides can both kill beneficial flora and feed toxic algae. Be sure to keep a buffer zone of at least ten feet between the pond and where you plant. You also want to be mindful of sewer and septic systems. If you can, place leach fields at least 50 feet away.

Pick Up Debris

Don’t dump grass clippings or raked-up leaves into your pond to get rid of them. If both happen to get into the water during routine yard clean-up, try to fish as much of it out as you can. Similarly, logs and sticks shouldn’t be left in the water to decompose. Excessive algae should also be removed. If you let the problem slide, you’ll have to Google dredging services near me sooner rather than later.

Give It Some Air

Aerating the water gives the helpful varieties of algae and bacteria you want in your pond a fighting chance. Aeration is simply the process of adding air to the water with a pump much like a fish tank bubbler but on a larger scale. 

Chose Helpful Plants

Lily pads can quickly put bad algae in the dark, blocking out sunlight and taking up valuable real estate on the pond’s surface. Encouraging the growth of aquatic grasses and other plants native to your area not just keeps your pond clean, but can be a boon for fish and other inhabitants. 

After a while, your pond may become self-sustaining with these changes, meaning you can just sit back and reap the benefits. 

3 Essential Areas of Home Maintenance

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If you’re a first-time homeowner, you might not be familiar with the maintenance that goes into caring for a single-family house. To keep your home in tip-top shape, these are some areas you should be paying attention to. 

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Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be tested once a month and have their batteries replaced yearly.

Filters on HVAC systems should be changed at least every three months, and the system should be inspected once a year. If you have a window air conditioner unit, regularly check to make sure there is no condensation that can cause water damage to your siding. With both HVAC and AC units, clearing vents should be a part of your regular cleaning schedule. 


Pipes and fixtures should get a once-over during regular cleaning in your bathroom or kitchen. As soon as you notice something is loose, such as a faucet lever, a plumber should be called in to fix the issue. Septic tank cleaning Orlando should take place every three to five years. In the meantime, flush only bathroom waste and water, avoiding garbage and harsh chemicals.

If you have a sump pump, you should test it before a change of seasons or expected storms to ensure it will keep inside your basement dry when the weather outside isn’t.


Even if you don’t use your fireplace, you still need your chimney and vent system to be cleaned at least once a year. If your chimney is active, maintenance should be done at least biannually. You should check the rest of your roof and gutters at least once a year as well, but give them extra attention after storms that might damage shingles or clog your gutters with leaves and debris.

There’s a lot to remember, so it helps to keep a calendar of maintenance dates. Keeping on top of these tasks can keep down repair costs and ensure a safe and healthy home.

Ways To Keep Your Children’s Rooms Clean

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Having children means living with toys strewn across the house. Kids are naturally messy, and learning to keep a bedroom tidy isn’t an inherent skill. If you’re trying to win the war against clutter, teaching cleaning skills to children is much easier if you have an organized system with a place for everything. Here are some tips for keeping your children’s rooms clean.

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Moveable Storage Crates

Buy a large wooden crate and paint it a bright color. Then install hamilton casters on the bottom to make it mobile. Now you have a moveable toy box you can pull out to load with toys and then either push it against a far wall or into the closet. It makes it easy for children to put away their toys.

Hanging Containers

Buy plastic crates and nail them to a wall within your child’s reach. Your little one now has a place to store toys and books that are easy to see and keep out of the way.

Storage Bins Under the Bed

Those large, flat plastic bins are ideal for storing clothes that are off-season. Fold items that aren’t needed and store them for next year, or donate them to other friends or thrift stores so they can be put to good use. It’s a great way to clear the clutter in your life.

Spice Racks and Wire Baskets for Books

Spice racks and wire baskets are both affordable and great for storing books and coloring books. Nail these on a wall in a vertical row low enough so your child can reach them. Paint small empty coffee cans bright colors and use them to store crayons and washable markers.

Teaching children to keep their rooms clean is a daunting task for any parent, but with the right organizational tools, the task can be both easy and fun.

Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

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Now is a great time to sell your home if you’ve been on the fence thanks to a hot real estate market. Homes are selling at a premium, which means you may be able to sell yours for much more than you paid when you initially purchased. To be sure you can get the most for your home when you list it for sale, follow these helpful tips. 

Make a Repair Plan

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Before you list your home for sale, take inventory of what needs to be fixed and make a repair plan. Simple repairs, such as touching up paint and hammering down loose nails, can be done on your own. Other projects should be handled by professionals with experience. Outsource your larger repairs to plumbers, electricians, and a roofing company Batavia NY for the best outcome.


Once you’ve completed the necessary repairs around your home, your next task should be to declutter and clean up so your home is tidy, homey, and easy to navigate. Remove items that may be hazards to people walking through your home and consider storing personal items such as family photos or heirlooms. It will make it easier for potential homebuyers to imagine themselves making your house into a home when they don’t see family photos everywhere. 

Enlist Help

From hiring a realtor to finding a babysitter to watch the kids or four-legged family members, you will want to enlist help when you are selling your home. You’ll be glad you hired help when you have people walking through your home. Realtors will be able to get your home in front of the right audience to increase the chances of it selling faster and babysitters will keep your children and pets out of harm’s way while you show your home. 

A few simple projects can allow your home to sparkle, improve its chances of selling faster, and even help boost its resale value.

Top Advantages of Hiring Professional Movers

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Relocating your residence is an exciting time in your life, but it’s also stressful. Moving involves packing, changing your address, notifying contacts and of course, physically moving your furniture and belongings. To ease the burden, here are some of the top advantages of hiring professional movers.

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Saves You Precious Time

If you’re relying on the generosity of family and friends to help you move, understand that it could take repeated trips back and forth. By employing a residential moving company St Louis, you can transport everything in just one trip. That saves you precious time you could use to get settled into your new home.

Prevents Injuries and Strain

Moving furniture and heavy items isn’t for the faint at heart and can lead to injuries and back strain. Professional movers have all the specialized equipment needed for lifting such as dollies, hoisting straps, ramps and pallet jacks. Hiring a moving company eliminates any risk of harm to you and your family, and it’s safer for fragile items.

Services Long-Distance Moves

If you’re moving clear across the country, professional movers are a must. Doing it yourself would mean renting a truck, paying for gas, food, hotels and worrying about a break-down or an accident. Instead, flying to your new home and meeting the moving company there when scheduled is an easier solution.

Lowers Your Stress Level

Moving away from your home is already stressful enough without worrying about how you’re going to transport your belongings. Why put yourself through the mental anguish? A reputable moving company takes the sting out of relocating and allows you to concentrate on your family, job transfer and saying goodbye to your friends.

If relocating is in your near future, consider hiring a professional moving company. It’s quicker, easier on your back and safely gets your things where they need to be.