Top Home Improvement Projects You Haven’t Considered

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Now that you own your house, you’re excited about all the renovations you get to make without asking your landlord for permission. You’re excited to paint your walls and to use nails to hold up your paintings, but you overlook some of the most exciting home improvement projects.

Building a Fireplace

Building a Fireplace

It’s hard to beat a fireplace for comfort in the winter. When you come in from a windy or snowy day, there’s nothing better than relaxing in front of a real fire. Even if your house doesn’t have a chimney yet, a fireplace is within your reach. Reach out to professionals who offer chimney construction Washington DC, and rearrange your furniture to make room for the renovation.

Installing a Deck

Having a deck on the back of your house allows you to extend your living space, especially during summer parties. It also lets you enjoy dinner or drinks outside. Talk to several deck installation companies to find the best price, and then come up with a plan that works for your house and yard. Don’t forget to choose the material, such as wood, plastic, or concrete.

Adding Windows

If you think that a room is too dark or you wish that you had a better view, add some windows. Work with an architect to identify places in your walls that aren’t structural or full of wires. This is another complicated renovation, so have a professional carpenter cut holes and install windowpanes in your walls. Don’t be afraid to get creative with window shapes, colors, and designs.

When you own your house, there’s no reason to be dissatisfied with its appearance. As soon as you have room in your budget, dive into one of these fun home improvement projects. Then, start planning your next renovation to make your house feel like home. 

4 Surefire Ways To Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

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Your house is an investment, and whether you plan on selling tomorrow or years from now, one of the best ways to ensure a good return on that investment is to increase the curb appeal of your home. The more eye-catching your house is, the more interest it will generate in potential buyers. However, spending too much on sprucing up your home exterior can eat into the profits of the eventual sale, so here are a few easy and affordable ways make your house irresistible.

Home Curb

1. Let There Be Light

If you’re going to put in the effort of beautifying your home, you want to make sure people can see it. Exterior lighting Clearwater will enable you to properly display all of the changes you’ve made to the outside of your house anytime, day or night.

2. Make Your Garden Grow

A well-tended yard will lend your home an air of natural beauty that buyers are sure to love. Are you worried about maintenance and water costs? Succulents and rock gardens are attractive, lower-maintenance alternatives to traditional, lawn-based yards.

3. Color Your World 

Color your door. Bringing in inviting colors can draw in buyers, but painting an entire house can be both expensive and time consuming. By painting your front door, you can add a bright pop of color in just a few hours without having to break the bank.

4. Keep It Clean

Dirt and grime can dull the allure of even the most spectacular houses. To make certain that mud and dust don’t undermine all of the hard work you’ve put into your home, rent or buy a good pressure washer. Regularly cleaning your siding, porch, walkways, and driveway will allow your other improvements to truly shine. 

Increasing curb appeal can be difficult and costly. However, by focusing on small but impactful changes to your house exterior, you can add beauty and value at minimal cost.

How To Know If You Need Foundation Repair

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The Bible lists over 15 quotes about building on a strong foundation. Although many of these may have been alluding to one’s spiritual life, the analogy to a home or structure is sound and true. If your foundation is strong and competent, your structure will be firm. If not, your building can eventually end in ruins.

Need Foundation Repair

Several different types of foundations are used to support buildings and other structures. Broadly, they are divided into two types: shallow foundations and deep foundations. Shallow foundations are the most common. In some areas where the seismic activity or mass movement is prevalent, deep foundations, including a pile foundation or one with drilled shafts, may be needed.

Purpose of Your Foundation

The main purpose of a foundation is to hold the house or building solidly above ground and to distribute the load evenly against the substrate. In addition, there are other important functions of a sound foundation:

  • Maintain the stability of the structure as a unit
  • Insulate against cold emanating from below
  • Keep moisture out of the building
  • Resist movement in the substrate

Signs Your Foundation May Need Repair

Unfortunately, and for a variety of reasons, your foundation can become compromised. Should you require foundation repair, you’ll definitely need a professional opinion. The following signs can indicate the foundation’s condition calls for restoration:

  • Sagging or sloping walls
  • Sticking doors
  • Cracks and gaps in the walls and corners
  • Cracks in sheetrock or exterior brick and mortar
  • Separation of the door-jams and window-jams from the walls

Addressing these issues and the possibility your home needs foundation repair should be done sooner rather than later. Simple or partial repairs are cheaper to fix and easier to do than waiting until the problems escalate. In the long run, you’ll save money, especially if you plan on selling your property in the near future.

3 Important Home Maintenance Chores You May Be Forgetting

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Let’s face it—chores are very rarely fun, but they are necessary to ensure that our homes are in the best possible shape. Even if you feel like your home is in perfect condition, here are three important home maintenance activities that you may be forgetting.

septic tanks minot nd

Septic System Maintenance

Septic tanks Minot ND are something you rarely think about unless they are malfunctioning. However, it is important that you be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to your septic system. It is recommended that your system be inspected and pumped every 3 to 5 years to avoid any serious issues that can occur when a tank is full. You really don’t want a messy (and expensive) surprise in your yard—or worse—inside your home. 

Clean Your Vents and Ducts

Cleaning air vents and ducts is another oft-forgotten chore that is actually quite important to your health. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends getting your air ducts cleaned every three to five years to rid them of allergens and dust that has been trapped inside. This is particularly important if you or someone in your home suffers from allergies. If this is the case, you may want to clean more frequently.

Clean Your Vacuum Filter

Emptying your vacuum or changing the bag every so often is not enough. Most modern vacuums also come equipped with a filter (and many other parts as well) that require occasional cleaning. A dirty filter can keep your vacuum from performing well and from sucking up all of the dirt, so it is important that you keep it maintained so that you can clean your home effectively. 

House chores are a necessary evil, but completing them can be quite satisfying. Use these simple tips and you’ll have the cleanest house on the street.

Tips to Ensure Your Remodeling Project Goes Smoothly

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Have you decided to remodel your home? If so, it can be an exciting time. However, before you get started, it’s smart to make sure your actions and input don’t negatively impact the project. What you do during the project is just as important as what you don’t do.  

Make Decisions Quickly

From hiring St Louis home remodeling contractors to choosing the materials and accessories, making decisions before starting the project is essential. By doing this, you can feel confident there won’t be any delays and that the project will run on course.

Don’t Purchase the Materials Yourself.

Let the contractor handle shopping for and buying the materials needed for the project. Most contractors know local suppliers and who has the best quality materials along with the most affordable prices. This means they are much more likely to get a better deal on the materials needed. If you try to purchase everything yourself, you will likely pay more money and may not get the highest quality materials available.

Don’t Become a Distraction

Some homeowners want to make sure everything related to the remodeling project goes as planned and according to their instructions. This often involves them remaining on-site and monitoring everything being done. Unfortunately, this can be very distracting to the contractor and crew and may even lead to significant delays in getting the project completed. It could also create friction or discomfort between you and the contractor. All of this can hurt the project. Try to wait for updates and avoid hovering. It will yield better results.

Having any part of a home remodeled is exciting. However, if the steps here aren’t followed, you may find the process is full of issues and delays. By doing the right things and avoiding the wrong ones, you can be enjoying your newly remodeled space sooner.  

Your Older Home May Need Some Major Repairs

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Your Older Home May Need Some Major Repairs

If you’ve got an older home, it may be time for some major repairs or replacements. Read on to learn about 3 areas that are likely to need attention.


In homes that are 50 years or older, there is a greater risk of your pipes corroding or even bursting. You may find yourself putting your plumber on speed dial due to frequent drips and clogs. If leaks are a common occurrence, your water pressure is low or your water is coming out of your taps a brown or reddish color, it might be time to replace your pipes. You’ll want to engage an expert when repiping a house Grants Pass or elsewhere.


As with your piping, roofs usually deteriorate with age. Even if your home has no active leaks, it pays to have your roof inspected for potential concerns before they become major problems. Patches and other fixes that were made over the years won’t hold up forever, and at some point, roof replacement will be inevitable. If your roof is showing excessive wear and tear, it may be more cost effective to redo it before major, and expensive, damage occurs.


Although concrete slab foundations typically last a lifetime, if your home has been around decades longer than you have then the roof likely has some problems that need to be addressed. When you notice growing fissures on your interior or exterior walls, windows that stick or tiles that have cracked, it’s probably time to have your foundation inspected. Consult with a contractor to evaluate and repair your damaged slab to get your home back in solid structural shape.

As the owner of an older home, you should keep ahead of potential problems. Be proactive about repairing or replacing your foundation, roof and piping to keep your home safe and sound for years to come.

Top 3 Ways to Update Your House

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You have probably spent more time at home this spring than ever before because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Now, as stores begin to reopen and restock their building supplies, it’s time to complete the home improvement projects that you dreamed about during your city’s shutdown.

Update Your Electrical System

If you do not live in a new house, then your wiring system is probably old and frayed. To prevent fires and increase the performance of your electrical system, contact a Washington DC electric company. Never attempt to complete this kind of home improvement project on your own, since it easily becomes dangerous.

Repaint Your Exterior Walls

Repainting your interior walls is an easy project, and it’s nice to freshen up your rooms with a new look. However, the outside of your house matters, too. If your paint is peeling and faded, it’s time to repaint. Hire a company that specializes in outdoor paint jobs, since these are very different from painting bedroom walls. This project is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also protects your house from weather damage.

Replace Your Flooring

Unless you have a baby or toddler, you probably don’t spend much time on the floor, and it’s easy to forget how old your carpets are. They get worn out and tear just like any other fabric products, though. Consider investing in hardwood floors, which increase the value of your house, look beautiful and are easy to clean. Layer rugs on top of hardwood floors if you miss the feeling of wall-to-wall carpeting or want to change your room’s décor.   

After looking at all the projects you need to complete for the past few months, it’s time to get to work. Contact local companies to find details on their pricing and timelines for making your house as beautiful, comfortable and safe as possible.