How to Care For Your Pond

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Ponds are a great place to boat, relax or enjoy some catch and release fishing. They can also benefit your farm by creating a small reservoir, and they can help out local wildlife by giving them a fresh source of water and food. However, they can get mucky fairly quickly. Doing the following can help keep your pond clean and beautiful.

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Keep Away Pollutants

If you have crops, runoff from fertilizers, manure and pesticides can both kill beneficial flora and feed toxic algae. Be sure to keep a buffer zone of at least ten feet between the pond and where you plant. You also want to be mindful of sewer and septic systems. If you can, place leach fields at least 50 feet away.

Pick Up Debris

Don’t dump grass clippings or raked-up leaves into your pond to get rid of them. If both happen to get into the water during routine yard clean-up, try to fish as much of it out as you can. Similarly, logs and sticks shouldn’t be left in the water to decompose. Excessive algae should also be removed. If you let the problem slide, you’ll have to Google dredging services near me sooner rather than later.

Give It Some Air

Aerating the water gives the helpful varieties of algae and bacteria you want in your pond a fighting chance. Aeration is simply the process of adding air to the water with a pump much like a fish tank bubbler but on a larger scale. 

Chose Helpful Plants

Lily pads can quickly put bad algae in the dark, blocking out sunlight and taking up valuable real estate on the pond’s surface. Encouraging the growth of aquatic grasses and other plants native to your area not just keeps your pond clean, but can be a boon for fish and other inhabitants. 

After a while, your pond may become self-sustaining with these changes, meaning you can just sit back and reap the benefits. 

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