How To Give Your Home an Annual Spruce

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As the months go by and the seasons change, you probably notice that your home gets a little dingy. Time, weather and daily living can take their toll on a house, so your job is to give it a little spruce once a year or so.

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Clean Up Inside

Start inside your home, tidying up messes and putting away items that have been left out. Vacuum carpets, and mop floors. Run the vacuum over upholstered furniture as well. If your carpets need deeper cleaning, consider renting a steam cleaner. You can also wash bedding and slipcovers, and give surfaces a good dusting.

Then move along into the kitchen and bathrooms. Wipe down cupboards, countertops, and mirrors. Scrub sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilets. Put out fresh towels.

If you need to touch up paint inside your house or fill nail holes or caulk around windows, now is the time to take care of those little chores, too. You should also give your appliances a once-over to make sure they are working properly.

Clean Up Outside

Now it is time to turn your attention to your home’s exterior and yard. If your house is looking rather dirty but is not in need of paint, try pressure washing Everett. Take some time to clean out your gutters, make sure your downspouts are clear and check for problems around your home’s foundation and siding. Your yard might need attention as well, so be prepared to do some picking up, raking and/or trimming.

Try Something New

After your annual spruce, you may want to treat yourself to something new. Replace a worn piece of furniture inside, or add a piece of artwork. Alternately, rearrange your furniture for a new look. Outside, you might plant some flowers or put a new patio table on the deck. The possibilities are endless.

Your home is your sanctuary, so it deserves a little tender loving care now and then. An annual spruce is just the thing.

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