How To Upgrade Your Bathroom On a Budget

Sára Vass/ December 18, 2021/ Bathroom Designs/ 0 comments

When you bought your house, it needed a few updates but was still very livable. The wallpaper needed to be removed in the kitchen, the light fixtures were outdated, and the bathroom was clean and functional but not stylish. Now it’s several years later and somehow, none of those things have gotten done. You want to make your space more modern but you haven’t saved enough to do a full renovation. Start with the bathroom. Here are a few things you can do to spruce it up without spending a ton of money.

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1. Start with the Fixtures

One quick way to make your bathroom look more modern is to replace the fixtures. The lights, the light switches, the mirror, and the handles on the cabinets can all give a nod to a style of decades past. You don’t have to spend a lot to update those elements to give your bathroom a more modern feel.

2. Consider the Cabinets

If you have a bit more to spend, look at the bathroom cabinets. You could freshen them up by painting them a different color. In a small bathroom that doesn’t have room for many cabinets, it might be reasonable to replace the current one with something new. If bathroom cabinet hardware installation Aurora CO is outside your skill set, look into hiring a local handyman.

3. Shop Around for Deals

New paint, a shower curtain, towels, and decorations can all help to make your bathroom look more modern. You can spend a lot of money on all of those things, so shop around. Maybe your sister just repainted her living room and she has a gallon of paint leftover. If you love the color, ask if she’ll share. Check out garage sales for decorations. If you splurge, do it on the towels.

You can still update your home without doing a total renovation by getting a little creative.

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