Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Caroline Kawamoto/ May 2, 2021/ General Article

Lighting around the exterior of your home can provide security, ambiance and safety to your property. Adding lighting can enhance landscaping and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home while providing bright areas for outdoor entertaining. Here are some ways you can add lighting to the areas around your house.

Outdoor gas Lighting

Path Lighting

Placing lights along the pathways near your house can increase the safety of your family and guests when you are entertaining. Outdoor lighting services Nokesville is available if you aren’t sure what type of lights to choose. Some path lights are solar-powered, which means they store up the energy from the sun and then burn that energy when the sun goes down. This type of lighting can provide a lovely glow while also preventing tripping accidents.

Security Lighting

This necessary type of lighting around a home is typically installed in backyard areas, near the front door and close to the garage. Some of them are motion-activated, while others stay on all night. These lights are bright to prohibit unwanted visitors to your property.

String Lighting

Tiny string lights look amazing in areas where you entertain. They add a soft glow to the environment and make it feel cozy. Use these lights in areas near firepits, around eating spaces and close to heavily used entertainment spaces.

Landscape Lighting

If you’ve worked hard on getting your landscaping just right, you want to show it off at night too. Spotlights, floodlights and path lights can all be used to draw attention to gorgeous trees or bushes that have been planted around your yard.

Adding a variety of lights to the exterior of your home can add excitement and interest to your landscaping. It can also enhance the security of your home when you have bright lights to scare off dangerous animals or burglars.

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