The Difference Between Automatic and Manual Drum Filling Machines

Sára Vass/ July 7, 2020/ General Article/ 0 comments

In recent years, drum filling machines have gained a lot of popularity for their benefits in the workplace. These powerful machines are built for one purpose, prevent under and overfilling, reduce operating costs and maintain consistency across the board. Currently, drum filling machines are available in automatic and manual variants, both of which offer different benefits. If you’re unsure which type is best for your business, here is a quick guide to both.

The Difference Between Automatic and Manual Drum Filling Machines


Automatic drum filling machines are computer operated and do not require human interference to work. In fact, fully automated drum fillers can work on a conveyor belt line and continuously fill up drum after drum without an operator present. This can significantly cut down on labor costs, boost efficiency by allowing employees to operate elsewhere and save indispensable time. However, this convenience is not without drawbacks — automatic systems are typically more expensive than manual ones, so your initial investment will be higher.


As opposed to functioning without human interaction, manual drum filling machines do require some kind of interference from an operator. These systems are technically considered semi-automatic, as the machine is doing the filling whilst an operator gives the machine directives via a computer. The speed and consistency of filling is completely dependent on the operator, but using this type of system does provide you with more specific control over how your operation is functioning. What’s more, manual systems will typically be less expensive than automatic ones.

Different businesses call for different types of equipment — before you choose a drum filling machine, be sure you know exactly what you’re hoping to get out of the investment. If you are willing to pay more for automated operations with increased efficiency, automatic fillers are the way to go. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative that allocates more control to you, you may want to purchase a manual system.

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