The Importance of Fuel Tank Maintenance

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Taking care of your oil tank is essential. If you neglect some fundamental maintenance requirements, you will not get the most out of your tank. Besides the longevity of your tank, proper maintenance also protects you from severe safety hazards.

Several things can go wrong if you ignore your oil fuel tank. If you have a heating oil tank, see below for a brief description of the problems that may occur without proper maintenance.

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Without taking care of your tank, you may cause the following problems:

  • Leaks in your tank. Not only is this an expensive issue to resolve, but it also introduces severe environmental and health concerns. If you allow a tank to leak for too long, it can lead to severe problems and may even require you to vacate the property.
  • If you allow too much water vapor to get into your tank, bacteria will start to grow in it. If you do not get regular oil tank testing Westchester County NY, you might not notice contamination until too late. Some bacterial growth can be repaired, albeit expensively. But too much growth will lead to corrosion and necessitate the replacement of your tank.
  • Over time, contaminants can get into your fuel tank. This is especially true if you allow too much water vapor and bacteria into the system. Corroded fuel tanks are susceptible to the intrusion of impurities, which significantly decreases the efficiency of your energy usage.

If you are not qualified, do not attempt any repairs to your fuel tank. The contents are highly flammable and give off vapors that are dangerous to breathe in. Always hire a professional to work on your heating oil tank for anything other than a superficial inspection. It would be best to schedule regular checkups to ensure you do not have any underlying problems.

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