The Importance of Marine Construction

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Marine construction is an important field, especially considering how unpredictable vast bodies of water, like oceans and gulfs, can be, and how that volatility can impact people when it reaches land. From protecting homes to keeping roads open, the field of marine construction must continue to develop so that people can continue to enjoy their coastal communities with a diminished risk from water damage. 

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Docks Protect Boats

At the risk of oversimplification, consider a world without docks. Boats would be moored further away from land, or driven up to rest on a beach, assuming that it was soft and sandy. Besides the overcrowding issues that would exist, docks do more than create space upon which to safely and securely store vessels. Because of the planning involved, they ensure that the waterways near the docks are deep enough and stable, so boats can operate within a particular comfort level when approaching, knowing that they aren’t about to come to rest on a sandbar or scuttled by a reef.

Sea Walls Protect Roads

Sea walls are often built adjacent to major oceanside boulevards, which are frequented by people who want access to the beaches and views that big bodies of water, like the ocean, offer. When considering Palm Beach County marine construction, consider what could happen along those boulevards if a sea wall wasn’t there to offer protection from wind, surf and other weather-related conditions that seas are subject to. Encroachment would be a potential issue any time there existed stormy conditions, and road closures would be imminent. 

Retaining Walls Protect Land

If not for marine retaining walls, soil would simply fall into the nearest body of water. They are needed to ensure stability, and they can also offer a pleasing aesthetic. Whether it’s public or private property, any means by which people can keep bodies of water from encroaching on and effectively erasing land is welcomed. 

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