Tips for Moving Your Business Without Losing Productivity

Sára Vass/ May 28, 2020/ General Article/ 0 comments

There are many reasons for moving your business including outgrowing your current location and adding new product lines. There are tips for keeping productivity high before, during and after the move such as planning, decluttering the office and tracking inventory.

Plan Ahead

The longer you plan your move, the more you can relocate in small steps instead of a huge jump. This gives you more time to dismantle and rebuild key systems as well as acclimatize your employees to the new space. It is a good idea to do a search for storage trailer leasing near me Everett WA companies in the very first steps. By leasing a storage trailer, you can pack and unpack it in stages, make multiple trips and not have to completely shut down operations.


Your first step during the moving stages is to remove the non-essential items from the space first. This means asking employees to keep personal items to a minimum as well as decluttering décor items. You can sell, donate or trash these items if you do not want to move them, or you can start filling up your leased trailer. Putting the least used items in first will help you have more time to use essential equipment at your current location as well as have it be the first out of the trailer in the new building.

Track Inventory

Tracking your inventory means making a spreadsheet of every item in your current office, where it goes once it leaves the building and when it arrives at the new location. The better you track your inventory, the easier it is to find something that you need once it has been moved. This can also help your accountant claim moving expenses on your taxes as well as any donations.

Moving your business can be stressful and sometimes result in a loss of productivity. The smaller your moving stages, and the better you plan them, the more productive your company can be. By leasing a trailer, decluttering the space and tracking inventory, you can better manage the move to fit your productivity needs.

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