Types of Survey Techniques Used In Estimating Distances

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Calculating and measuring distances is one of the crucial elements in a survey. When estimating distance, you have to keep in mind the terrain of the land, and the various comparable methods you can use for accurate results. Here are some of the most effective strategies a surveyor can use to measure distance.


The first thing you may have noticed is that a surveyor makes some calculated paces to the final point. Surveyors know their pace factor, probably by measuring one rate with a measurement. The number of paces made is later multiplied by the pace factor. The process is repeated at least thrice at one distance, and the mean is obtained. The method is appropriate for rational survey and mapping a small area.

Use of Tapes

Tapes or chains are commonly used for shorter distances. The process involves putting chains and a stand to mark your survey’s beginning and endpoints. The tape is then pulled tightly to avoid any bends for accurate measurements.

Measuring Time

It is effective when measuring long horizontal distances. The surveyor can use a car moving at a uniform speed and measure the time taken by the vehicle to cover the spread. The length is then obtained from finding the product of the recorded time and the average speed of the gadget.

Use Of Surveying Instruments

There are various instruments that surveyors may use in measuring distances depending on factors such as the nature and terrain of a land. Other tools that make surveyors’ work much more manageable and accurate may include

Electronic Distance Machine (EDM)

They include devices such as theodolites, drones, and total stations. They can easily measure distances through electric waves and measure the elevation of the land. Surveyors can measure distances easily and accurately with the proper drone training Rancho Cucamonga CA-located.

Passometers And Pedometers

They are electronic devices with the appearance of a watch. It is used in measuring the number of paces a person takes. The user adjusts it according to the measure of their single pace.


It consists of a driving wheel. It is set to measure the distance from when it starts to roll to the point where the wheel stops.


It consists of a wheel, just like in a perambulator. However, it measures the number of complete revolutions made. The circumference of the odometer is indicated.


It measures the angle of elevated land, providing accurate horizontal and vertical measurements. With the correct measuring device, you can quickly escalate your surveying career. Also, a surveyor may take horizontal and elevation measurements for accuracy. Therefore, the surveyor may use one or more methods in calculating distances. EDMs are useful in measuring long distances and measuring roads.

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