Upgrading Your House for Improved Energy Efficiency

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Many homeowners will complete improvements that are designed to offer a high return of investment, especially ahead of a sale. Some go for upgrades that make their residence more luxurious, such as high-end appliances and more expensive finishes. You might be interested in upgrades that help your home more energy-efficient, which is not only environmentally responsible, but also cost-saving. Here are some improvements to consider.

House for Improved Energy

Change Your Light Bulbs

Many homes come with incandescent light bulbs and fixtures to illuminate the various rooms and spaces. Swapping out these bulbs for light-emitting diode or LED bulbs is a great way to see some energy savings. Although LEDs are more expensive up front, these bulbs have a lifespan of thousands of hours and over 20 years in some cases. You’ll spend a lot less money replacing these bulbs, moreover, LEDs use approximately 1/6 of the energy as incandescent bulbs. Upgrade your rooms with smart LED bulbs that can be programmed to turn on and off according to a schedule for additional savings.

Replace Windows

If you live in an older house with older drafty windows, your HVAC system probably works extra hard to keep things warm or cool. Consider replacing your windows with energy efficient windows Philadelphia County PA. Energy-efficient windows provide better insulation against outside temperatures and loss of air thanks to such technologies as low-e glass coatings, multiple panes or gases in between planes.

Get Smart

Smart thermostats are also a great upgrade. These devices connect to your Wi-Fi and can be programmed to run only when there are people at home and awake. Nearly all models can be controlled using a smartphone app. Some will even learn your habits to maximize heating and cooling efficiency whether you’re home, away, in bed or gone for several days.  

As an owner, you’re responsible for your house’s upkeep, which includes making improvements when possible. Upgrading your house for energy efficiency is great for the environment as well as putting some extra money in your pocket through savings. Leverage the latest technologies to make your home more eco-friendly.

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