Ways To Keep Your Children’s Rooms Clean

Sára Vass/ April 2, 2022/ General Article/ 0 comments

Having children means living with toys strewn across the house. Kids are naturally messy, and learning to keep a bedroom tidy isn’t an inherent skill. If you’re trying to win the war against clutter, teaching cleaning skills to children is much easier if you have an organized system with a place for everything. Here are some tips for keeping your children’s rooms clean.

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Moveable Storage Crates

Buy a large wooden crate and paint it a bright color. Then install hamilton casters on the bottom to make it mobile. Now you have a moveable toy box you can pull out to load with toys and then either push it against a far wall or into the closet. It makes it easy for children to put away their toys.

Hanging Containers

Buy plastic crates and nail them to a wall within your child’s reach. Your little one now has a place to store toys and books that are easy to see and keep out of the way.

Storage Bins Under the Bed

Those large, flat plastic bins are ideal for storing clothes that are off-season. Fold items that aren’t needed and store them for next year, or donate them to other friends or thrift stores so they can be put to good use. It’s a great way to clear the clutter in your life.

Spice Racks and Wire Baskets for Books

Spice racks and wire baskets are both affordable and great for storing books and coloring books. Nail these on a wall in a vertical row low enough so your child can reach them. Paint small empty coffee cans bright colors and use them to store crayons and washable markers.

Teaching children to keep their rooms clean is a daunting task for any parent, but with the right organizational tools, the task can be both easy and fun.

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